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Out & About San Diego

I tried taking a shortcut out of an older residential area the other day and got lost instead. In the process of getting lost, though, I discovered the “Old Town Stairs.” Looks like these:

Old Town San Diego stairs

Anytime I see something looking like that, I’m parking the car, grabbing my camera, and taking off.

There was a sign at the foot of the stairs telling me that part of the trail ahead was used by soldiers and families two centuries ago to walk from California’s first Spanish mission and presidio to the area below where they had their gardens and livestock. Eventually the long walk caused many families to build homes in the valley below, resulting in what now is known as Old Town San Diego. Many archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians believe that the Carrillo House, now being used a golf shop for the Old Town golf course, was the first. The golf shop is the oldest adobe structure still standing in San Diego. It is clearly visible from the path:

Pro shop at the Old Town golf course

The path leads to the Presidio and mission (pictures and more about the Presidio, mission, and current Serra Museum are here).

The path was very quite and secluded, and I was the only person on it that morning.

Path from Old Town to Serra Museum

Path from Old Town to Serra Museum

The Old Town stairs are at the intersection of Mason Street and Jackson Street. The gray dashed lines on the map below are paths you can easily walk:


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5 thoughts on “Out & About—If it’s old, I’m there

  1. lorie

    Looks like a good place to picnic and explore! I’ve only driven through. Until recently, I always thought that building was the original Presidio. I wonder what the original looked like.



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