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Usually when I come across a numbered street name and the number is high, I’m pretty sure I’m in a big city. Recently, though, I came across this street sign.

233rd Street East

Obviously I was in a huge city, and since that’s East, implying that there is a West, this city must have a population in the millions.


I was out in the middle of the desert.

Here is what 233rd Street East looks like:

233rd Street East

If you’re thinking, “Maybe it’s the newest street and they haven’t finished building and paving it,” well, you would be wrong.

First Street looked just like that.

So did 101st Street.

So did 201st Street.

Many of the streets were missing. Street names would skip 10 or 20 numbers.

When I got to 101st Street, I decided to pull over at the highest numbered street and take a picture. That was 233rd Street East.

Is someone expecting a population and housing boom?

I did not go looking for 233rd Street West.

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