SNIPPETS (2-7-17)



I’m reading an article on LED vs. CFL vs. incandescent light bulbs. The average life span is 22.8 years for LED, 9 years for CFL, and 1 year for incandescent. So if I replace all my bulbs with LED’s, how are the big corporations supposed to make money? Wouldn’t they be making 22 times less money? If President Bannon finds out, he’ll issue an executive order making LED’s illegal, I’m sure.


Please let me know when and where the next paid protests are. I’m available 24/7 and I don’t charge more for overnight protests.

Inclement weather protest surcharge: rain, 10%; snow, 25%; hurricane, 50%; tornado, 100%.

25% discount if the protests involve women, blacks, queers, animals, children, health, veterans, homeless, or immigrants.

50% discount if the protest involves black lesbian immigrant women with minimum one pet, minimum one child (preferably sick but not required), and dating a homeless veteran.

Thank you for your consideration.


In this new world of alternative facts, here is a picture of Zoey the Cool Cat in her new home, a box I brought home from Costco. She loves these Costco boxes.

Zoey the Cool Cat's new box


Favorite Facebook comment yesterday:
“I learned about the Bowling Green Massacre in my alternative history class taught by Betsy DeVos. Angry grizzlies were involved.”


I would like to do more videos for my YouTube channel but I’m not encouraged because I uploading a 22-minute video last night. Two hours and 9 minutes just to upload it and then another 27 minutes for processing. How do people upload 2-hour concert videos?


Did you know that the longest YouTube video is 596½ hours long? If it took me 156 minutes for a 22-minute video, it would take 253,784 minutes to upload and process 596½ hours. That’s 176 days and 6 hours. I guess if I were going to do something like that I would hire someone to do the work for me, which would make me a job creator, yes?


My wise old grandmother taught me to add laughter to each day. This new administration is adding to much laughter to my day that I’m afraid I’m going to have a hernia from laughing so much. Then, since the Republicans will have taken away my health insurance by that time, I’ll be finished.


Sean Spicer, President Bannon’s Press Secretary, argued that Bannon’s policies to protect this country, to create jobs, to grow the economy do not receive the same amount of coverage as protests. Spicer believes that members of the media don’t cover some of those events to the extent that other events might get covered. Protests, for example, get blown out of the water with all-out coverage yet an attack or a foiled attack doesn’t get the same coverage.

One could argue that the press coverage of a certain person was all blown out of the water during the last two years, that another person’s coverage did not receive the same amount as his, and all that free coverage of alternative facts resulted in said person now being president…………….smh


So for every $1 that California sends the federal government, it gets 78¢ back in terms of federal funding. I’m thinking that if President Bannon defunds California, as he threatened to do Sunday in an interview, California should just defund the federal government. As my wise old grandmother said 50 years ago, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”


I need a margarita. You will join me, yes?

Margaritas at On The Border in El Cajon, California

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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