Music on Mondays (12-5-16)—Why don’t you ask him?

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

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As I make it through my digital music collection this round, I’m trying to pay greater attention to albums and songs that I really like. My intent is to actually determine which album and which song might be my favorite of all time. I’m out of the ’60s and have been able to determine my Top 3 Beatles albums:

  1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. Rubber Soul
  3. Abbey Road

I finished 1979 yesterday and am pretty sure that “Tusk” is my favorite album by Fleetwood Mac. That reminded me of an incident back in early 1979. On May 25, 1979, I took my wise old grandmother and my only two female cousins from Kingsville TX to Los Angeles CA to see my grandmother’s oldest living son (my dad was the oldest but was 18 years deceased at that time). We would be staying for nine days. Grandma usually stayed at her son’s house while my two cousins and I went touring throughout the Los Angeles area. We were typical tourists, not missing anything and all of us having our own cameras.

One day we went to the University of Southern California and walked around. Being the musician that I was at that time (piano, violin, and voice), I never missed an opportunity to visit a quality music department like that at USC. The Trojan Marching Band was practicing and we were going to watch them play and march for a few minutes. They starting playing a song that really piqued my interest, and it took a week for me to get the song out of my head.

Fast forward to late September 1979 and I started hearing a song on the radio that I thought I had heard before, but that couldn’t be because it was a new single by Fleetwood Mac. “Tusk.” It wasn’t I bought the album, also titled “Tusk,” that I realized what was going on. Fleetwood Mac recorded “Tusk” with the Trojan Marching Band at Dodger Stadium. I don’t know the date of that recording, but what we had heard at USC was the band practicing “Tusk.” It is my favorite song from the album. Here’s a video of a practice at Dodger Stadium. Not all of the music from the video made it into the final edit for the album but you can hear all of what we heard that day on the USC campus.

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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