I’m going all the way to the end

I live in my own little world

I have been an avid reader since about the age of five, at least. I had started piano lessons under mom at the age of two, and she told me when I was five that when I started school “next year,” I would have to take lessons for a second instrument. Before she would approve the second instrument, I had to write a research paper on the instrument or someone proficient with the instrument. I chose the violin and decided to write my paper on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. I was a big fan of The Nutcracker. Mom was always taking me to the library so I could work on my research, and that’s when I fell in love with libraries.

I go often to the various branches of the San Diego Public Library and the San Diego County Library. If I’m ever homeless, just look for me at the new San Diego Central Library. Looks like this:

New San Diego Central Library on February 2, 2013

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Throughout the years, Stephen King has been my favorite author. Sadly, though, I gave up on the last two books of his that I tried to read, “Bag of Bag of Bones by Stephen KingBones” and “Lisey’s Story.” I gave “Bag of Bones” 227 pages before calling it quits, and “Lisey’s Story” got 100 pages; 100 pages is normally my standard for giving a book a chance. I had started “Bag of Bones” first, and since it was by Stephen King, my all-time favorite author, I kept giving it “one more chance” before I finally said, “No! Enough is enough.” When I became disenchanted with “Lisey’s Story,” I figured that if I could call it quits on one Stephen King book, then none of his other books deserved any more chances than I was willing to give anyone. So “Lisey’s Story” got 100 pages and that was it.

I still have quite a few King books to read but with two consecutive disappointments, I have decided to take a break from King.

My husband, who has worked at bookstores all his life—Borders, Brentano’s, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, and Warwick’s—gave me a pre-published advance reader’s copy of a Lee Child novel, “Night School,” a Jack Reacher novel. It’s so new that it’s not even in Wikipedia yet! I liked it so much that I decided to read all of the Jack Reacher novels before returning to Stephen King.

Gone Tomorrow by Lee ChildMy second Jack Reacher novel was “Gone Tomorrow.” Took me three days to read it. It’s very good and Child’s writing style with lots of dialogue means that it’s easy reading, too.

So, back to the library.

I decided to check out two books. First time I’ve ever done that outside of research. I came home with “61 Hours” and “Nothing To Lose.” I started “61 Hours” yesterday morning and finished the day on page 74. I already know I’m going all the way to the end.

61 Hours by Lee Child

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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5 thoughts on “I’m going all the way to the end

  1. http://www.salpa58.wordpress.com

    The library was our only place to go when I as a child. We are talking the 50’s here, except for a movie on Saturday. With six children we didn’t have many toys so books were our fantasy world. We did have a game or two, Scrabble and Parcheesi. I used to write stories and my siblings were forced to listen to them along with my parents. I was no John boy Walton but I did have an audience. Finally at the ripe old age of 73 I have a published Kindle book “The Italian Thing”. It is a humorous memoir about a trip to Naro, Sicily. If you own a Kindle and like the humor genre you might want to take a peek at it on Amazon Kindle store, and of course I have my blog. Happy reading, :o)

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  2. Roxie

    totally can see why you’d live at that library, ohhhhh, it’s awesome!
    on to King, whew, I thought I was the only one who slogged through Lisey’s Story! Child’s work is action packed, good choice, happy reading! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I thought it was interesting that Bag of Bones and Lisey’s Story were the first two books King wrote after his injury. One was about a male writer whose wife died, and the other was about a wife whose male writer husband died. Interesting. Both of them, though, had so much graphic sex in them that sometimes I had to check the top of the pages to make sure that no one had taken the guts out of the book and replaced them with a porn novel…………lol

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