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I came to San Diego in April 1993 specifically to “come out” and try to reconcile my conflict as a special person with my Mormon (mom) and Catholic (dad) upbringing.

My first 11 months in San Diego were spent enjoying all the beaches in San Diego County, getting a nice tan (which I currently am paying for), meeting other sun bunnies, and studying the world’s great, and not-so-great, religions.

After 11 months, I decided that I really didn’t need religion, didn’t need to reconcile who I am with any manmade religion, only with Mother and Father Nature. I’ll just leave it at that.

The preface is for the following bas relief which I found above the main entrance doors of a monastery here in San Diego:

Bas relief at a San Diego monastery

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

The religion to which that monastery belongs was founded in the late 12th century.

Look closely at that bas relief.

We could presume that the lower figure is Christ on the cross.

Let’s presume the figure behind Christ is God.

Notice the placement of God’s left hand?

On Christ’s nipple!

I’m not presuming to know anything about this religion, but what’s with that?

Look at the expressions on the faces.

Here’s my dialogue:

Christ: First tortured, now sexually assaulted.

God: Finally, I get to play with myself.

Upper left child: Ew. Incest. Necrophilia….

Upper right child: Will God do that to us when we grow up?

Is this a foretelling of what would happen in the Catholic Church many centuries later?

Were those activities prevalent all along?


And, for the record in response to Monday’s post, thanks for all the tips and tricks. None of them work anymore so I’m stuck with the new WordPress editor. And, to be blunt, it really really bites………

P.S. I expect to lose a few followers who will be upset and offended. That’s okay. Still hope they have a wonderful life.

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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10 thoughts on “Nipple play

  1. Pit

    Even if I were offended by your post – which I’m not – I would not unfollow you. I’ve always been open to controversial ideas. That’s also the way I tried to educate my students while I was still in the teaching profession. Only by getting to know different ideas we can evaluate them and either accept or refute them. But never ever by closing our eyes and ears to them.
    Thanks for this post which gives me quite a bit of food for my thoughts.
    Take care, my friend,
    P.S.: my classic editor still works. Lucky me!?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jolynnpowers

    Maybe I am wrong but I think the hand of God the Father is over the tortured heart of his son Christ? I am just guessing, Who knows maybe this is all about having two baby angels watching two men touching each other….maybe it is gay art and you just missed it?HEHEHE

    Liked by 1 person


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