Enjoy life. Make waves.

Picture of the Moment

It’s rare that I see a lone mallard.

Either they are in a flock of a dozen or so, a pair during breeding season, or a mommy with lots of little ones.

So when I saw this one all alone just swimming its little feet off, I couldn’t resist adding words to its picture:

img_0366 enjoy life make saves stamp

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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25 thoughts on “Enjoy life. Make waves.

  1. LAMarcom

    “a most desolate looking landscape.”
    Hi Russell; personally been gone for a bit, but do try to keep up with my fren’s blogging activity.
    Love the desolate ‘verbage’; reminds me I need to get on home to Texas. And of course as always, loved the photos.

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        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          I’m pretty sure I would not designate you an “uninformed ass.” When I came to San Diego in 1993, the powers that be were trying to concrete all of the rivers and drainage channels as Los Angeles had done. San Diego was in an uproar and voted out all the yo-yos who wanted to destroy the natural beauty here. Sadly, they had already succeeded at draining all the estuaries and swamps. It wasn’t until a decade late that they started restoring those but people elsewhere don’t realize that this desert here used to have lots of swamps. SeaWorld and the entire Mission Bay Park (4,235 acres) used to be one big swamp. Those will never be returned to their natural state, but the others will be. The are known as “lagoons” around here.


          1. LAMarcom

            Russel, I hear ya. I left San Dog in ’90 (my canoe club card had, thankfully, expired) In other words, I was again a civilian. During my five-year tour in San Diego, (most of which I did spend in one of two endeavors: SEAL training in Coronado or/and riding haze-grey-and-underway-pieces-of-shit-Navy-ships.
            But, I digress.
            When I was in-port, I used to listen to talk radio (yes yes I know…) There was this dude; his moniker was ‘Roger’… I do forget his last name– anyway, he was big on water conservation and in fact, I took some of his words to work one say (when my ‘boat’ was in dry-dock) and informed my co-Navy co-worker who was complaining that the City of San Dog had informed him that he COULD Not water his yard or wash down his drive-way…yada yada yada… I informed him that he had purchased a house in technically, a desert. San Dog historically gets ten inches of rain per year…
            He did not get my nuance and we almost came to blows…his last words as I recall were something to the effect, that I was a commie..

            My favorite Texan author is named John Graves and he co-inspired a book entitled ‘The Water Hustlers’. It is a very good read.
            His more famous works in this vein may be found here:


            And yes, Rus, I realize I am rambling, but to my credit I do attempt to use a spell chick, sic; I now work for FedEx and I do not like it… just saying.



      1. LAMarcom

        Russell… what can I say? Calif got my best years. Iraq, Egypt, and Afghanistan got the rest. What can I say??
        I am still relatively young. As they say: “Next year in Jerusalem, er… Austin”

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