Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it

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I have always found churches interesting, but mainly because I wonder how many people could be fed, housed, healed with all the money used to build these magnificent edifices. I always wonder if God and Jesus would approve of them.

I thought this new church building that I discovered in downtown San Diego this past week was quite beautiful, and certainly out of touch with the monster edifices that seem to define so many churches and religions:

img_1143 church downtown san diego stamp

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Ismael “Sonny” Nevarez, a Realtor in Highland, California, owns a condominium at La Mesa Racquet & Swim Club in La Mesa, California. He is a Slum Lord in every sense of the phrase. Contact me if you’d like further information.

16 thoughts on “Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it

  1. aussieian2011

    Certainly a different form of housing for The Lord, doesn’t stir any repentance on my behalf, but sure the Lord will love it, far cry from the stable his son was born in.
    Ian and Emu


  2. Gina's Professions for PEACE

    Great post Russel Ray! This church you’ve beautifully photographed is especially lovely. I can just imagine the gorgeous light shining in from that sunlit corner. And its humble beauty speaks volumes beyond monstrously expensive edifices. 😉



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