Hey, Google! Analyze this!

Did you know?

Google has decided to require (force) web sites to be mobile friendly. I’m not even mobile friendly, so why would my web sites be? Nonetheless…..

Effective April 21, 2015, Google is implementing its new mobile search algorithms. Thus, if your web site is not mobile friendly by then, it might not show up in Google searches, which could affect you if you rely on your web site to help provide income, as I do.

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are mobile friendly, especially if you got your theme from WordPress.com and are hosted by WordPress.com.

If you want to be sure, though, Google provides a mobile friendly analyzer. Use it now so that if your web site is not mobile friendly, you can make changes before April 21.

Here is the analyzer:

Google Mobile Friendly Analyzer

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26 thoughts on “Hey, Google! Analyze this!

  1. Hack Chef

    Thanks for the heads up! One of three main sites for me was non-mobile friendly. If you have JetPack – just activate the ‘mobile theme’ function and all is good without having to change completely to a new theme… for now…

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  2. philosophermouseofthehedge

    They want us to play, then they want to tell us how to play. If you’re not linked up to all sorts of social media, it also affects rankings. And if Google decides your words are not “truthful” enough, they slide you back….Google the all knowing one…the wizard behind the curtain who isn’t all that benevolent

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