Friday Flower Fiesta (2-27-15)—LLAP

Friday Flower Fiesta

A little something different for today’s Friday Flower Fiesta.

Up until September 2004, my name was Russel Ray Kirk, and I was a fanatic about all things “Star Trek.” In fact, put “Star” in the title—e.g., “Star Wars,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” etc.—and you were assured of having at least one die-hard fan.

Throughout my youth and up until I changed my name to Russel Ray, I was also known by a nickname that was first bestowed on me in late 1966, “Captain Kirk.” I was only 11 but I couldn’t quit talking about Captain Kirk. He fascinated me, as did “Star Trek.” I anticipated each week for the next couple of years, and summers were a real bummer for me.

As I got older, my logic earned me another nickname, “Spock.”

The death of Leonard Nimoy today at age 83 takes me back to Friday, June 4, 1982, when I stood in line to be one of the first to see “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.” A few hours later, my thinking about “me” and “us” had changed, all because of something “Spock” said in the movie: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Those words spoke to me about why I pay taxes for schools (I have never had a child in school!), roads, police, fire fighters, libraries, and so much more. Today, “us” extends to the Affordable Care Act—The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Life is about more than just me and my needs or wants.

Today, as Jim was in the hospital recovering from minor surgery, the nurse asked us if we had heard about Leonard Nimoy. We had not, but he didn’t have to say anything else.

I never got to watch “Star Trek” on Thursday nights at 8:30 in September 1966. Way too late for an 11 year old with homework. Fortunately, it was shown in our little farming & ranching community on Friday afternoons at 3:30. School got out at 3:00. You know where I was from 3:30 to 4:30.

Leonard Nimoy’s death is one of the three saddest days in my life (I’m lucky, I know), the other two being the murder of John Lennon and the death of my best friend, Ken Lewis, when he was just 32.

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy, but may you live on through Spock for millions of future generations. May they live long and prosper.

In memory of Leonard Nimoy

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11 thoughts on “Friday Flower Fiesta (2-27-15)—LLAP

  1. T Ibara Photo

    Oh no! I thought Spock would be around forever… 😦
    My father & brother were huge Star Trek fans, and they introduced me when I was a girl. I liked Spock immediately. He will be missed by fans all around the world.

    Liked by 1 person


    I was a little surprised when I heard it on the national news. But I knew he was getting pretty well up in age. I always liked Spock a little more than Captain Kirk, but I did like them both. I hope Jim is recovering well and will be home soon. Prayers for you both. 🙂


  3. acflory

    I was a little older than you Russell, about 15 or 16, but the original Star Trek was one of the things that set me on a lifelong path of sci-fi, good sci-fi. Spock was a huge part of that. RIP Leonard Nimoy.


  4. Alexandria Sage

    Beautiful post. He was a special man, an expert in his craft. And while he did many other creative endeavors, he carried the character of Spock all his life with great dignity. Farewell to a great man.


  5. Boomdeeadda

    Nice tribute for Mr Nimoy, Russel. I too was saddened by the news. I’m a fan from way back. My brothers and I have seen every episode many times. I always have some episodes on hand for late night watching on our PVR. Am I wrong or is it just William Shatner left now. McCoy, Scotty and now Spock…gone. :~(

    Liked by 1 person


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