Out & About—Hail Satan

Out & About

I recently commented to a photographer friend on Facebook that finding abandoned buildings in San Diego doesn’t happen often because real estate is so expensive here.

If anyone abandons buildings or—gasp!—land, some developer comes in, swoops it up, and redevelops it, creating a subdivision of cookie cutter homes, condos, a mall, or a parking lot.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I passed a collection of abandoned homes and (obviously) agricultural buildings along a one-mile stretch of winding rural highway.

Pala CasinoI was on my way to an elementary school that is part of the San Antonio de Pala Mission on the Pala Indian Reservation. A huge Casino (picture ►) also resides on the reservation, so traffic on the rural highway was heavy and slow, speed limit 35 mph.

Abandoned buildings make great pictures, so I went back to explore, although I had to drive another mile before finding a safe place to do a U turn.

I only found one building with a NO TRESPASSING sign, so I skipped that building but explored all the others. I’ll have more about these abandoned homes and buildings—and an abandoned 100 acres of real estate as well!—in tomorrow’s post. It’s quite interesting.

Meanwhile, three pictures to whet your appetite:

Abandoned building

Abandoned home

Hail Satan

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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28 thoughts on “Out & About—Hail Satan

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Once I saw how much land the abandoned buildings occupied, I was pretty sure I could find something online to tell me what was going on, and indeed I did. There is plenty, and for someone like me who loves history, real estate, and photography, this was joy to the max!


        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          Sadly, there were five house and two office buildings in that condition on one side of the road, and another 14 houses like that on the other side. It’s like everyone suddenly upped and left at the same time, disappeared, and left everything behind. Not too far from the real story!



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