Comes to an end

My wise old grandmother

I am making progress on creating an online store at However, in doing that, I have made the decision to shut down because those two sites (and a couple of others which also will be shut down) share the same account at the same host. I am not yet ready to spend buckets of money on additional storage space for Photographic Art, and since I haven’t done anything with in seven years…. It comes to an end.

I originally put a lot of work into, so I’m not willing to just throw it all away. Thus, I’ll be bringing the more interesting stuff over here to share with you!

I hope you will spend some time with the elderly in your life so we don’t lose what they have to offer. Talk with them, write down their stories, record their stories, take pictures, and share everything with others!

Morning gloryMy wise old grandmother’s name was May Agnes Kirk. She was my paternal grandmother and adopted me in December 1965 when she was almost 55 years old and I was a juvenile delinquent three months shy of 11. The morning glory was her favorite flower, opening bright and early each morning and, as the day wore on, slowly closing and going to bed.

My wise old grandmother taught me a lot with her love of life; her knowledge about life, which came from the “school of hard knocks” (she had only a first-grade education), her wonderful words of wisdom, which I typed and put in my notebook; and her love of nature, of which cats, dogs, birds, and gardening were most prominent.

BootsShe had a particular fondness for neglected, injured, or mistreated animals, and we were always adopting dogs and cats from the alley behind our house. She is the reason why I recent decided to sponsor Boots (picture ►), a special needs kitty, at Cat House on the Kings. Read more about Boots here: Meet Boots!

Her other fondness was for music, and me playing both the piano and the violin, as well as being a singer, might have given her hope that she could make someone out of me.

Piano and violin

My original mission for was to bring something positive to the world, represented by the positive and beautiful words of knowledge and wisdom conveyed to me by my wise old grandmother. Her spirit lives on although her web site won’t, but maybe something in those pages that I bring over here might provide someone with inspiration, hope, or a smile.

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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19 thoughts on “Comes to an end

  1. tchistorygal

    Great idea, Russel Ray to bring the good stories over. I didn’t even know you had that site, but enjoyed learning a bit more about you. Your grandmother was quite a lady. I think she did a good job raising her 11 year old. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. T Ibara Photo

    Hello Russel,
    I was completely unaware you had another site featuring your wise old grandmother.
    I’m glad you’ll be featuring some of the content here, because I too, would love to learn more about this amazing woman. Of course your beautiful photography + Zoey the Cat is always a treat too 🙂
    Best wishes from Tokyo,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Patty B

    Great idea – I look forward to reading more about her. She will be teaching another generation her wisdom thanks to her grandson! I must have missed the post about the website dedicated to her or else I would have been over there. Have a great day!



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