San Diego Historical Landmarks—#13: Montgomery Memorial Park (addendum)

San Diego Historical Landmarks

San Diego’s Historical Landmark #13 was designated on November 6, 1970, as Montgomery Memorial Park. However, it currently is known as Montgomery-Waller Community Park.

Montgomery-Waller Community Park

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I went on a research expedition to try to find out who Luckie Agee Waller was. Here is what I have discovered so far:

At the University of Washington, there is a Luckie Agee Waller Scholarship available to graduate students in the Department of History. One source says that the scholarship is available to both undergraduates and graduates.

He was born on August 28, 1939, in Los Angeles and died on June 20, 1963. He is buried in Glen Abbey Memorial Park here in Bonita.

Luckie Agee Waller Collection in Far Eastern History at Stanford UniversityThere is a Luckie Waller Little League in California District 42 which comprises San Diego County’s South Bay Area, which is where the park is.

There is a “Luckie Agee Waller Collection in Far Eastern History” located at Stanford University.

Sadly, that’s it.

Even the San Diego History Center’s online search doesn’t provide any returns for Luckie Agee Waller. Obviously he was prominent in history, but he died at the age of 24.

I found one source reporting that the land for the park was donated by Waller, but I found myself questioning that for two reasons:

1. The park was designated a historical landmark in 1970 as the Montgomery Memorial Park. That was six years after Waller died, and Waller’s name was not part of the historical landmark park designation at that time.

2. I found too many errors at that source, errors that I knew were errors, which makes me question everything else at that source.

I did find one source that said the land for the park next to Montgomery Memorial Park was donated in 1964 by Waller’s family for a park “named after their son.” That would jibe more with the plaque at the bottom of a flag pole in the park:

Montgomery-Waller Community Park

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

So, instead of just one question, “Who was Luckie Agee Waller?”, now I had more questions:

“Where did he die?”
“How did he die?”
“What did he do by the age of 24 that caused Stanford to collect his Far Eastern History works and for the University of Washington to provide a graduate student scholarship in his name?”

Perhaps he got a bachelor’s degree from Stanford and a graduate degree from the University of Washington? Perhaps he was working on his graduate degree at Washington, in Far Eastern History, when he died suddenly?

I tried to find him through his dad Luckie B. Waller and his granddad Lucky Waller but without success. However, I did find that the Wallers were prominent farmers and ranchers in the South Bay area in the early to middle decades of the 20th Century. With that knowledge, I’m getting the impression that their son died unexpectedly at the age of 24 and that they donated the park land in memory of their son. That’s what I’m going with unless I accidentally stumble upon more information that tells me differently.

Luckie Agee Waller headstone at Glen Abbey Memorial Park in Bonita California

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10 thoughts on “San Diego Historical Landmarks—#13: Montgomery Memorial Park (addendum)

  1. acflory

    What a fascinating post, and how odd to think that someone who died just a ‘short’ time ago should have disappeared almost without a trace. I wonder what archeologists in 2400 will think when they do the same research. Oh wait! They’ll find this post. 😀

    Btw love the new look website but I’m glad you kept your signature Zoe the Cat coda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      If one does a Google search right now on “luckie agee waller,” all of the sites I visited show up but my two posts from yesterday and today that include his name occupy the #4 spot on Google’s front page!

      Zoey the Cool Cat saw your words and now wants a raise…………LOL



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