Keep calm and focus on doohickeys


As many people know, I’m trying to re-invent myself at the age of 59. They (and I don’t know who “they” are) say that it’s never too late…. you’re never too old….

It might never be too late, and you might never be too old, but I sure can say that it’s not easy….

I have been considering anything and everything but I pretty sure about two things:

  1. I want to do something constructive.
  2. Online marketing, network marketing, and MLM marketing (which is redundant; that should tell you something right there!) are not constructive.

For those who might not know, MLM is short for “multi-level marketing” which is why MLM marketing is redundant.

MLM was popular when I graduated from college back in 1977. I recognized it for the Ponzi scheme it was, and eventually it was declared illegal. However, MLM was only out of action for a year or so before they found a way around the law: offer something.

With the Internet, especially Facebook, MLM is back, but mostly it goes by the names “online marketing” and “network marketing,” and they offer doohickeys.

doohickeyIn other words, if you want to join my “network marketing team,” it will only cost you $4.99, and for that you get a doohickey. Once you’re a part of a network marketing team, you simply go find people to join YOUR network marketing team for just $4.99 so you can give them a doohickey, too!

So far I have not found a single physical doohickey–no keychains, rings, wristbands, tie clips, shoelaces…. Instead, the doohickey that everyone offers is a PDF file telling you how to develop your network marketing team and how great network marketing is.

Most network marketing teams want anywhere from $1.75—the lowest I found—to $200—which wasn’t the highest. One real estate network marketing team wanted over $14,000 to join their team. For that $14,000, instead of reading a PDF, it looked like you got to participate in an online class and listen to a couple of people tell you how to develop your real estate network marketing team.

The funniest part of all this online marketing, though, is when I run across a guy advertising himself as making over a million dollars a year, yet he’s wearing a torn college t-shirt from 30 years ago, sitting at a broken desk in a small room with makeshift shelves that are collapsing under the weight of a lot of binders.

I did find one guy, though, who participates in network marketing but tells it like it is. Basically:

You only make money on people you bring in
and the people they bring in, referred to as your down line.

In other words, if you don’t continue finding people to pay into the system, and if other people don’t do the same, the system will collapse because it can’t afford to pay out, to pay YOU!

In my view, if anyone wants me to pay them for the opportunity to work, I’m outta there. Even the companies that want me to pay $25 or $50 for credit checks and background checks. Nope. If you or your company can’t afford to spend $25-$50 on a prospective employee, you’re not the person or company I want to work for.

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29 thoughts on “Keep calm and focus on doohickeys

  1. ViewPacific

    You called that right – skip the get-rich-quick schemes, especially the ones which cost money.
    Back in the 70’s, I worked in an office building with real estate developers. They love money, especially when there’s an un-real scheme.
    One of them invited me to a pyramid party. Before the big event, I used one of the early PCs to calculate my potential “earnings.”
    I figured out that there would need to be over 1,028 people at the party before I would get a nickel from my “party entrance fee.”
    When I shared that info with the guy who invited me, he quickly un-invited me!
    I guess I missed out on making my first million. Oh well!

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  2. Bob

    59! Approaching 60! Look out… same here and the MLM is for the others to learn about. I am out of the rat race and reinventing self. Actually doing what I want to do. Broke and loving it, except for the broke part. Just accepted a part-time real job and time will reveal the rest. It’s a lot of work, but the big six-zero looks good from here. I just say that “it is a life change”. Not a career change. Looking forward, moving forward, not to look back; only for wisdom, like MLM.
    Good Luck!

    “The Fun Of It All !”

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  3. babso2you

    I got hooked into one of those schemes that cost me $300 for all the materials selling long distance. No matter how hard I tried to get people involved, I could not. I do not have that salesman personality that one needs. I too am trying to re-invent myself and am one year behind you. So here is the question, and having met me, ask yourself if I am correct in this. Why wasn’t I born wealthy instead of beautiful? I asked my Mom this once and she told me that she often asked herself the same question! 🙂 Hugs to you, Jim and Zoey! Enjoy the holiday! ^..^

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    Good luck. 🙂 I am afraid I can’t afford to get in on this scheme. I will be 59 in February. I don’t know about re-inventing myself, but I do hope to keep a calmer view on things. I would like to make a little extra from ads on my blog, but I am not sure how that works. I haven’t gotten into that too much yet. I only have the basic plan and know I can do some affiliate links. I wish I could find a legitimate home based business, but I have not come across any good ones yet. It would help if I could just win the lottery! 😀 And yes, I do play now and then. Have a good weekend.



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