When blogging friends come to visit

Picture of the Moment

I love it when blogging friends call to tell me they are in town and actually want to meet me!

Petals Daye and Russel Ray

That’s me on the right, just in case you didn’t know.

On the left, though, is Kelly, also known as Petals Daye, also known as Boomdeeadda.

Kelly is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We got together yesterday for 90 minutes and had a great time. She even brought me a little Canadian gift (that’s the red box in my hand). I heard from Jim that it was something edible but I wouldn’t know because by the time Jim finished telling me what was in the box, the box was empty.

Ah, well.

Thanks for a wonderful 90 minutes, Kelly!

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Looking for a unique gift for Christmas?

16 thoughts on “When blogging friends come to visit

  1. litebeing

    Great picture and wonderful for both of you! I met my first blogger friend recently and it was so great. We happen to live close by but did not know that initially. I have also had a couple almost meetings that fizzled due to outside forces, but am hopeful there are more blogger sightings in my future. Seems like more of us are visiting one another and I love it!

    Thanks for sharing your “sighting” here.

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  2. justme792

    Awesome! I’ve also thought about visiting some blogger friends, but since I live in the Netherlands and most of them in America or even further away, it would be quite the trip… But maybe some day ^^


  3. Boomdeeadda

    How nice to see your message and kind words Russel! Thank you and Jim so much for the visit and this post too. I haven’t at all gotten organized at the blog. I had the surprise of my life last night. Alys flew from San Jose to spend the day with me here! Crazy right? I was sobbing and couldn’t quite believe it. It was perfect weather for walks and talks today. As always, we’ve loved our visit. San Diego is so pretty and friendly. Alas, we’re homeward bound late tomorrow. Missing my pets and routine. Back to work on Thursday, then Christmas. What a fabulous month. Thanks for making my trip extra memorable. Cheers Kelly. aka Petals aka Boomdee 😀 x

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