Music on Mondays (12-8-14)—Mama’s gonna look so great

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

Someone told me that the Christmas season is here. Maybe it was one of the online news sites that was showing me the Spirit of Christmas as people fight to get in the traffic lane that seems to be going fastest, fight for a parking space if they ever get to where they want to go, fight to buy stuff at the lowest price…. So much fighting, and in the midst of it all, we seem to forget the real fighting.

I feel it is my Christmas duty to help put an end to all the fighting by not participating in the Christmas spirit as defined by big business. I wish them all the luck in the world at making enough money to pay their employees a living wage and having some left over to buy that fourth vacation home or that thirtieth car for their collection….

I was going to post some of the bad Christmas songs by my favorite artists, things like “Happy Xmas, War Is Over” by John Lennon, “Wonderful Christmas Time” by Paul McCartney, “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” by The Ramones, “Must Be Santa” by Bob Dylan, or “Little Saint Nick” by The Beach Boys.

I must admit that I really don’t like any of those. I think they are pretty bad songs. So I went searching for the worst Christmas songs ever. Some of those showed up on the list. No surprise.

I found one list, titled “Stupid Christmas Songs.” It had some songs that I had never heard before, including this one:

“The Christmas Shoes” by Newsong

It was almost Christmas time,
There I stood in another line
Trying to buy that last gift or two,
not really in the Christmas mood

Standing right in front of me
Was a little boy waiting anxiously
Pacing ’round like little boys do
And in his hands he held a pair of shoes

And his clothes were worn and old,
He was dirty from head to toe
And when it came his time to pay
I couldn’t believe what I heard him say

Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Mama, please
It’s Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir, Daddy says there’s not much time
You see she’s been sick for quite a while
And I know these shoes would make her smile
And I want her to look beautiful if Mama meets Jesus tonight

He counted pennies for what seemed like years
Then the cashier said, “Son, there’s not enough here”
He searched his pockets frantically
Then he turned and he looked at me
He said Mama made Christmas good at our house
Though most years she just did without
Tell me Sir, what am I going to do,
Somehow I’ve got to buy her these Christmas shoes

So I laid the money down,
I just had to help him out
And I’ll never forget the look on his face when he said
Mama’s gonna look so great

I knew I’d caught a glimpse of heaven’s love
As he thanked me and ran out
I knew that God had sent that little boy
To remind me what Christmas is all about

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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14 thoughts on “Music on Mondays (12-8-14)—Mama’s gonna look so great


    I had seen this in written form, but I don’t remember if I have heard it in music form. I am so glad you posted it. I liked it in both forms. Especially the song. It brought tears to my eyes both ways. It is truly the real meaning of Christmas. I am not ready for Christmas yet either, but it is coming and I wish you and everyone a truly wonderful Christmas. I have to add; please remember the reason for the season.
    I don’t know why it would be on the Stupid Song List. 🙂 ❤



    Reblogged this on chrllrobb and commented:
    I have to reblog this because I really like the song. I want to find the artist and put it on ITunes and my Ipod. Maybe buy the CD. I have seen it in written form, but don’t remember if I have heard the song before. I loved it. Made me cry both ways. It does remind me, and I hope so many others, that there is another truer meaning to Christmas. Love, prayers, thoughts and many happy wishes for a very Merry Christmas! ❤ 🙂

    Stay Safe and God Bless!


  3. kanzensakura

    I think I must be the only person who doesn’t like this song. It made me cry the first time I heard it but now when it comes on the radio, I snap it off. It is just so ooooo calculated to be a sob story. Another bad song is “Santa baby” and, a favorite in these parts, “Goran a got run over by a reindeer” I hope your household has a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy new year year.

    Liked by 1 person


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