Music on Mondays (12-1-14)—That one guitar felt good in his hands

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

I grew up in a musical family. My mom’s dad played the violin, her step-mom played the flute, and she played the piano and organ.

I started playing the piano at age 2 and the violin at age 6, and I started singing at age 10.

When I was a freshman at Texas A&M University in 1973, one of my second-semester housemates played the guitar. I was so jealous of him because he could take his guitar anywhere with him and play and sing. I couldn’t take a piano anywhere, although pianos are in many places, and I certainly wasn’t going to take my violin to some of the places that Dale—we’ll call him Dale since that’s his name—took his guitar.

I have always dreamed of playing the guitar but never took it up. Life got in the way of doing too many new things, and the new things that I chose to do usually helped pay the bills. No time for new hobbies and such.

Here is one of my favorite songs about guitars and the art of playing them:

“Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner, 1981

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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11 thoughts on “Music on Mondays (12-1-14)—That one guitar felt good in his hands

  1. babso2you

    One of my most favorite guitar songs is by the band Yes. The song is played by Steve Howe, and the song: Clap. When I saw Yes in concert all those many years ago, he played this on a double steel guitar. The link actually has two people playing the song, but I think you will find the song uplifting!



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