SNIPPETS (11-18-14)


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snip-pet: a small piece of something

Snippets: mini blog posts


I have had WordAds for 3½ months, and I’m averaging about $25 a month. However, in order to get paid, you have to have a minimum of $100, so I’ll get paid about $110.00 next month.


The Internet, especially Facebook, has brought the world’s population closer together. Whether or not that is good is a question that I’ll leave to historians who probably have not been born yet.

When my paternal grandparents adopted me in 1965, we lived in Kingsville, Texas. However, my granddad worked for Missouri Pacific Railroad…. in Taylor, Texas.

Kingsville to Taylor

One of my friends on Facebook has a birthday today. I don’t remember how we became Facebook friends, but we have three things in common: He is in real estate, he graduated from Texas A&M University, and he was born in Taylor, Texas.

Real estate doesn’t surprise me, and neither does meeting someone else from Texas A&M University since it has 55,000 students and about a million alumni. However, after moving from Texas in 1993, I never thought I’d meet someone from Taylor.


Back in 1982, I was running for a volunteer position as Section 42 Chairman of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. It was a one-year position and I already had been Chairman for the previous year, so it was a re-election.

There were 16 college chapters in Section 42, and every chapter, bar none, told me that I was the best Chairman they had ever seen. I had been to their chapter meetings, their service projects, talked on the phone weekly with chapter officers, and had the coolest newsletter (this was in the days when personal computers were just hitting the market, and I had one!).

I lost.

Why? Because with all the positive comments, I thought I was a shoe-in. I forgot to ask people to vote for me. Several people told me after the election that they didn’t vote for me because I didn’t ask them to vote for me.

I learned.

Although I have never run for another position, I have learned to ask people for things that I need or want.


Zoey the Cool Cat has taken to climbing under the bed covers with me, but only when I take a mid-morning nap. No other time. However, my mid-morning naps are usually 30-60 minutes long, and she is quite happy to stay under the covers after I get up, for as long as six hours! As she rolls around and repositions herself during that time, this is what I sometimes see:

Zoey the Cool Cat

When I look under the covers, I see an upside-down cat stretched out as until it can stretch no more. I’ve tried to get a picture, but as soon as I uncover her, she’s up and outta there.


I try to post a daily inspirational quote on Facebook, so if you’re not yet following me on Facebook, click here.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the past week:


Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) was an American poet and short story writer.

Butterfly forgets


I have been making daily use of IBOexchange (see my post here). Does it work? I can say unequivocally that it does. I have two places where IBOexchange members can visit, here and my Facebook business page.

On my Facebook business page, it seems that once you get to about 500 likes, Facebook basically shuts you down unless you pay them to promote your business page. Well, most of those business pages and small businesses probably like me, not yet able (or willing) to pay $25 per day to have Facebook promote me. So IBOexchange it is.

I was stuck at 582 likes and averaging one new like per week. Since I have been making use of IBO exchange, 13 days now, I’m up to 762 likes. Take that, Facebook!


So why do we care how many likes we have on our Facebook business pages? Several reasons.

More likes gives the impression of longevity, and longevity in business usually is good. With longevity comes experience, satisfied customers, etc. After all, would you rather have brain surgery from the 24-year-old doctor who graduated yesterday or the 60-year-old doctor who has done 500 brain surgeries?

Over here at my WordPress blog, more visits mean more ad impressions with WordAds, which means more money into my bank account. My creditors like money in my bank account so that they can take it out!


In 1980 when my best friend graduated from Texas A&M University, I was pretty irreligious. He, on the other hand, was active in the First Presbyterian Church of Houston, supervising child care one day a week, working with the elderly, singing in the Chancel Choir.

When I asked him what he got out of church, he didn’t proselytize, which is what I was expecting. Instead, he simply said that church was like a big family, giving him the opportunity to work with people who could be his great grandparents to people who could be his children.

I saw his point and joined First Presbyterian.


I have not been a member of any church since I came to San Diego in April 1993. I spent my first 11 months in San Diego studying the world’s great, and not so great, religions while relaxing on the beaches. I was able to determine that none of them had much to offer a person who had decided to live his live as an openly gay man.

My opinion has not changed in the ensuing 31 years, mainly because of people like Eric Cantor, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, and other so-called religious people. If they are people of God, I want nothing to do with that God.

On the other hand, if I sat down for a meal with Pope Francis, he might be able to convince me to return to the Catholic Church, into which I was born in 1955.


A couple of months ago I started collecting memes that showed up on Facebook and which I liked.

Most of them are either political or religious, and they say in much more precise words what I think.

This morning I was cataloging them.

Here are two of my favorites, both religious:

The Dark Ages

Religious freedom

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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9 thoughts on “SNIPPETS (11-18-14)

  1. KDKH

    I’m amazed– my father was born and raised I Taylor, Texas. He’s 81, which means he lived there when it was a tiny farm town, not a suburb of Austin, like it seems to be now. Small world!


  2. babso2you

    I loved today’s post Russel and missed snippets! Comments: $25/day for FB if you reach 500 likes…Who has an extra $9,125 to spend? Especially if they are a small business! And, I love the last meme! Says it all! Hugs to you and Jim! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person


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