Some things should be shared


When I’m depressed and suicidal, I often resort to reading and listening to lots of music—since October 16 I’ve been averaging over eleven hours a day of music.

My reading in these situations often is stuff that makes me laugh, think, cry, love, wish, share….

My first circumstance with such thoughts came when I was in high school in 1971. Just a lad of 16, I fell in love with two people, one female and one male. I didn’t know what was happening to me. That was when I discovered Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. Coupled with anything and everything Beatles, I worked my way out of depression. Nowadays, of course, they have meds for that, but one has to be able to afford getting to a doctor to get a prescription for such meds, or have very good health insurance.

So that leaves me, still, with music and books.

The book that I am reading through right now is “If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren’t There More Happy People” with the subtitle “Smart Quotes For Dumb Times,” by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. The authors previously graced humanity with their book, “The Book of General Ignorance.”

Here’s a thought for today that I got from “If Ignorance Is Bliss….”:

Happiness shared

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28 thoughts on “Some things should be shared

  1. DailyMusings

    That’s a lot of music, hope some bloggers can share their happiness to help increase yours. Great quote. Sending a smile- because you know the shortest distance between 2 people is a smile. And while I am at it with the quotes, the best exercise for the heart is bending down to help someone else up. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Hemingway and Shakespeare

    Chin up, Russell! Mom always tells us to stop and look at our blessings when we get sad. Other fur people and humans have it much worse. Your photography is a blessing to many. Mom likes to listen to music, too. In fact, she’s leaving us tonight to go to choir practice. She keeps practicing and practicing!!! We’ll be thinking about you and hoping that you have sunshine, laughter, warmth and love in your day!

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  3. smilingtoad

    My thoughts are with you, mate. I tend to resort to the same therapies.

    That quote from Buddha has long been one of my ultimate favourites. Thank you for sharing it. I may just have to go dash off to the nearest book-place in order to pilfer it. Sounds good. Both of them, in fact. Lately I’ve been nosing around a book by Sinclair Lewis (“It Can’t Happen Here”) and I have no idea how, but someone all the way in Paris talked me into reading D.H. Lawrence’s “Women in Love.”

    Sometimes I wander off to places when I’m feeling that way. Several people have died in me life over the past year and a half, and after recently being told of another friend’s death, I found myself crawling into a pond with my pet-camera, avidly pointed at a lone swan, the same afternoon I received the news. Well, the pale bird swanned over and moored herself by my face, as I lay sprawled in the grass, pet camera chirping away. The water-fowl decided it would be a fabulous idea to pelt the human with feathers and so she proceeded to preen. So, I continued to snap away as I choked on feathers, and the swan abided there, with me, that quiet afternoon, nesting on my face and hissing at another human who tried to draw near with enticing lettuce treats. I think it must be the hair…it really does look like a wild knot of feathery dead twigs and things. Perhaps it made the fine bird nostalgic, thinking of her childhood home where she had hatched and grown up into a fine swan…I have no idea if I had any sort of point to make in that ridiculous story…

    Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope you find solace and healing through your music, your photography and reading, and those who love you. Hugs,

    Autumn Jade

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  4. Ştefania

    The music is very important to me. So at my home or at work, music is heard in the background all the time. Because simply I love music!
    Usually, when something bothers me, out in nature, take a walk through the park, simply change your lifestyle and everything is ok!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Russel Ray and happiness. 🙂

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  5. jolynnpowers

    Russel I use music as medicine also… sometimes you just need to get something out of your system and the only way is through music… I mean never underestimate the therapeutic value of driving really fast to music so loud you cant hear yourself think or in my case sing… no one said I could sing. hope you are feeling more like yourself soon… I think for me it is the time change and shorter day together that make me a nutty in the fall.

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  6. dianewrites

    I guess we all have our own lowest moments in life. And if I may quote John Green, the problem with pain and all those worries, they demand to be felt.

    Keep fighting, you have an army of silent supporters in your readers!

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  7. Photos With Finesse

    Dang, depressed and suicidal, can’t even begin to imagine where you’re at, but hope you have a good support network, and are getting help beyond the music. One of the members of one of my photography groups said her lifelong depression was finally at bay after she took up photography as a hobby. It got her out and about, appreciating the beauty that’s out there and she came to love her daily walks, and being off the anti-depressants which left her feeling numb. I know you do some of that anyway, but thought I’d pass it on. Good luck. We’re pulling for you to escape the low. And good on you for not hiding it. People need to hear just how common it is, and how they’re not alone.

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    Thoughts and prayers sent your way. Depression can be a terrible burden. I deal with it too. Music and reading is a good way of dealing with it. I take medicine and it helps too. Thankfully I don’t need a high, or strong medicine. And I am always up to a good book. 🙂



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