Music on Mondays (11-10-14)—Just another manic Monday

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

When my wise old grandmother was helping me set up my typing business in 1966—I was 11—I asked her about working on Sundays. I had two reasons for that: (1) She was a devout Catholic, and (2) my typing business would be focused on Texas A&I University students. Students often have many papers due on Monday but they don’t start working on those papers until noon on Sunday.

She taught me that every day is an opportunity to earn money, take a vacation, and spend time with myself. In other words, she taught me how to schedule things. For 48 years, I have scheduled my life. Each day has opportunities to make money, a little vacation, and time to myself. I use Excel for all that scheduling in today’s world.

“Every day” includes weekend days and holidays, no exceptions. Such scheduling has allowed me to make myself available 24/7 to my Clients without getting burned out on anything. I have never felt a need to “look forward to the weekend,” wonder “when is Friday going to get here?” or be all sad and depressed because the holiday or weekend is coming to an end….

And I never had a Manic Monday.

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20 thoughts on “Music on Mondays (11-10-14)—Just another manic Monday

      1. iku2e

        Yep. You are right and Now, you don’t need to have any theme to your’s just..words starts with all foul words.. Hahaha I can understand your feeling

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  1. philosophermouseofthehedge

    Wise lessons wisely learned!
    But you are so lucky – technology has allowed clients/customers/bosses able to reach you 24-7 to make demands. So annoying.
    My dad used to drag us to the farm every weekend saying there was no phone there and he wanted some peace and quiet. Really understand that now.
    In support of over worked employees who deserve time off and families who never have enough time together, I will be avoiding any place that opens on Thanksgiving.
    It’s not all about convenience. It’s about money for them. Geesh, we only had 3 totally closed days to savor: July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas. People are tired, people! (If they only had time off from work, they would realize it….no wonder everyone’s so tense, hyper, and angry)


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      People can make demands all they want. Whether or not, or when, I meet those demands is a totally different situation.

      I still have a 2003 Star Trek flip phone because it makes and receives phone calls, just like a phone is supposed to. When I leave the office, and the computers, there is a reason, and I’m not taking any computer with me, even if it’s just on a “phone.”

      The world has been tense, hyper, and hungry when all of the World War II soldiers came home and found that their wives, in order to relieve their boredom, had gotten jobs. They didn’t want to give up those jobs, and all of a sudden we had two-income families discovering that having twice as much money was pretty nice. Now, though, the “Keep Up With the Joneses” law has taken over the country, and in order to keep up, now the kids are working as soon as they turn 16. It’s a vicious cycle, but as long as humanity keeps overpopulating the Earth (population on its way to eight billion!), it’s not going to get better.

      You can avoid places all you want, and I don’t have a problem with that per sé, but there will be those of us who are out there supporting the people who want to work. If they didn’t want to work, they could call in sick or take a day of vacation. Businesses pay time-and-a-half for holidays, though, so it’s a great opportunity to make a little extra money for working the same number of hours.

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      1. philosophermouseofthehedge

        You are right about profit and business being the downfall of us all. If you are in sales or in a job handling difficult clients, you have to be there at their schedule.
        For a long time mountains were great with poor cell coverage.
        True people have a choice. And that’s cool. Still it’s healthy, restorative, and refreshing for everyone to completely stop once in a while…but profit and big business won’t agree…and those who need money will have to answer (Some places do say it’s “optional” but if you want to keep your job….been there.)
        Historically, kids worked at even younger ages before unions. Sometimes it’s a matter of survival not luxury driven even now.
        Working for yourself is so much better! And like you I have no problem not answering compulsively – not everyone is strong willed….and with companies, ignored work just makes the stack taller on Monday. Run! Find alternatives!

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  2. seasonedsistah2

    Coincidence? In the 1980s, I operated word processing services to students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My schedule was based on the students’ needs — in other words — I didn’t have a schedule. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. kanzensakura

    The other day, my husband was listening/watching one of those endless and yaddayadda football commentary type shows, where every other word is ” huge”. Suddenly, my ears caught something interesting….”yeah, the Bangles are not playing well at all. they need to go back to basics if the Bangles want to be a success.” Well, I was pleased. the Bangles were back. But as the man continued to talk, I realized he was not talking about the Bangles. he was mispronouncing the type of tiger: Bengal. Maybe his brain just needed to be more “huge”. I was most disappointed though that the Bangles were not back.



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