2015 Photographic Art digital calendars are on their way!

curtains coming soon

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

I have been cataloging pictures like crazy this past week, and with the response I got from offering free calendar pages (choose month, year & picture!), I have decided to make a 2015 digital calendar. I will be offering five different calendars:

1. Scenes from San Diego County
2. Little cats
3. Big cats
4. Birds
5. Wildlife from the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, & SeaWorld
6. You choose 12 pictures from my galleries at Fine Art America
7. You provide up to 12 pictures and choose the others

These calendars, while digital, are sized for 8½x11-inch paper, so they can easily be printed. If you’re in a country where paper size is slightly smaller, you can easily have your printer scale the page to fit your paper size with no loss in quality.

For this first iteration, I will be be selling #1 through #5 for $9.99 each, payment via PayPal preferable, but check, cash, and money order also accepted. Payment with credit card can be done through PayPal, and PayPal does not require you to have an account to send money to someone.

I will be selling #6 and #7 for $19.99. Same payment methods.

Here are two calendar pages that I made for a couple of my blog readers:

January 2015 Photographic Art calendar page

Photographic Art logo

June 2015 Photographic Art calendar page

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

All pages will have six weeks, filled in as displayed. No need to flip backward or forward to see the most recent past or future. Note that the week starts on Monday so that Saturday & Sunday are together, like weekend days should be!

You can print one page and hang it on the wall, or print all pages and hang them on the wall. No more having a calendar that is too heavy and constantly falling off the wall!

In future posts for the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of my best Photographic Art that I am considering using for calendar pages, such as this one of a spoonbill:


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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