The nation’s largest air show is this weekend, right here in San Diego!

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On the way to and from one of the schools where I teach chess in the after-school enrichment program, the traffic was terrible. Wrecks everywhere, cars parked on the shoulder, high patrol officers everywhere telling the parked cars that they could not park on the freeway shoulder…. just a mess…. But there was a reason:

Blue Angels

Yep. The Blue Angels were flying around doing loop-de-loops, splits, and all sorts of other manoeuvers in preparation for the MCAS Miramar Air Show this Saturday and Sunday.

The MCAS Miramar Air Show is the largest air show in the nation.

Sadly, the Republican-caused government shutdown last year caused the air show to be canceled.

Even sadder, I usually go but I’m going to have to miss it this year….. 😦

Blue Angels Mustang

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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12 thoughts on “The nation’s largest air show is this weekend, right here in San Diego!

  1. Dan Antion

    When I flew into San Diego in 2005 for a tech conference, we saw the Angles practicing below our plane. I went to the Show on Sunday and it was great. I love airshows, but that one was special. It was the first time I saw a B-2 do a flyover. Thanks for triggering that great memory.

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    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I was at that show but I went Saturday. That B-2 flyover was awesome. On Sunday I was at Blacks Beach, which is below the takeoff flight path of Miramar. Got to see the B-2 again, and the noise as it suddenly appeared over the beach below those 300-ft cliffs really startled a lot of people, including me!

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