Big red barn

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Many years ago, I bought a home out in the East San Diego County boondocks. When I had the housewarming party, the directions included “turn left at the big red barn.” One of my friends was from the Philippines and had never seen a big red barn. He told me when he arrived that he stopped to take a picture of it.

Every time I see a big red barn, I think of him, and today I stopped to take a picture of the big red barn that I found. Looks like this:

Big red barn

Of course, having grown up in a small farming and ranching community in South Texas, barns were everywhere. I won’t tell you what all I did in Texas barns, but pretty much every first in a young man’s life for me was “accomplished” in a Texas barn.

I think buildings, especially old buildings, lend themselves well to HDR and near-HDR photo processing. One of my favorite photo editors is by Topaz, specifically their Topaz Adjust 5 suite. I used it on the above photo, choosing the “Spicify” preset in the “Vibrant Collection” effect.

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10 thoughts on “Big red barn

  1. Ahmed

    I haven’t seen a big barn in my life but I bet it feels good to live in one, especially if you like hunting and nature, it’d give a closer feeling to nature and wild animals.


  2. lavernjdewilde

    Nice post!!!!! In my town, which was originally the home of Fort Collins (there is no longer a fort here), but there is the remains of a small park and train station building that has become various restaurants over the years. The farming settlements in our area later created the various silos, and there is one road in Fort Collins called, “The Three Silos Road”, which does not have a road sign of that name, but is known by those who have resided in the town of Fort Collins for many years, and have picked up using that name. The silos of course have long been removed, so there is no picture to take of the three silos, but the “spirit” of the memory passes on through the generations, here in the town of Fort Collins.


  3. lavernjdewilde

    There is another landmark called Cunningham’s Corner, whereby Cunningham’s farm barn remained until around maybe 2000, then the farm was purchased and condo’s were built, but of course, to those who were here the many years before the condos, we understand when someone says “Cunningham’s Corner”. And by the way, in Japan, the large Shinto Shrines were called “Condo(s)”!!!!!!!



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