Music on Mondays (9-22-14) — A B C D E F G H….

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

I have almost a million digital music files, separated into two distinct groups: classical and everything else. I listen to everything else in chronological order. Sunday I finished 2014 and started at the beginning again, way back in 1903.

Every time I finish everything else, I make an attempt to sort through the classical collection. Invariably I don’t get too far because I get frustrated with Jim’s part of everything else where he has every piece of piano music recorded by every pianist ever throughout history.

Piano and violinYesterday I did get to H, though, and re-discovered Joseph Haydn. I say re-discovered because I grew up playing the violin, so I’m familiar with all the orchestra and violin music.

However, I discovered Haydn’s symphonies, 106 in total, and while I was listening to them, I discovered the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra conducted by Adam Fischer. Fischer and the orchestra specialize in Joseph Haydn’s compositions, and they recorded the complete cycle of 106 Haydn symphonies. I now have all of them in my collection.

I haven’t decided yet which one I like the best, so for today’s Music on Mondays, I’ll just leave you with Symphony #1 in D major:

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Should anyone want to listen to any of Haydn’s other symphonies, they are in a YouTube playlist here: 106 Haydn Symphonies.

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