Today’s weather brought to you by….

Picture of the Moment

Weather in San Diego was kind of crazy today. Unfortunately, where I live in La Mesa was not included in the craziness. All I got here was sunshine, ten minutes of clouds, one clap of thunder, and then sunshine again.

Some areas, including here in La Mesa, got up to 106°F. Fortunately, we used modern technology to keep the house cool.

Some areas lost power, and some areas still are without power tonight, with temperatures still hovering in the 80s with 40% humidity.

All very unusual conditions for us this time of year.

And with that update on the weather, I leave you with these clouds from my journey to the high desert last month:

Desert clouds

For the record, it did rain on me in the eastern area of the high desert, and the rains brought some flash floods to the area. Those conditions, however, are common for where I was.


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14 thoughts on “Today’s weather brought to you by….

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I think that was the biggest boom I’ve heard from Mother and Father Nature in the 21 years I’ve been in San Diego! Only the manmade sonic booms at the beaches in the Miramar flight path, and the Big Bay Boom fireworks, have been bigger!



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