I’m pretty sure I’m not buying

Picture of the Moment

Recently—last night!—I discovered the publish-in-the-future function of WordPress, so if a post pops up on my blog at, say, midnight plus one minute, that’s not me!

I’m still sorting through the billions and billions and billions of pictures from my 476-mile journey through Southern California on August 12. Here is one of my favorites:

I'm not buying

I don’t know what they are farming out there, but I’m pretty sure that whatever it is, I ain’t buying….

I’m still exploring special Photographic Art effects for that picture because the vastness of the landscape, the beauty of the sky, and the barren “farm” is just begging for some very special effects.


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13 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure I’m not buying

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Farming premium sand and dust maybe. I use that function all the time Russel. I usually have my blogs done early and set them up to publish on the day.


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I’ll be using it often. I regularly get fired up with stuff for two or three blog posts but only do one. Now I can do all of them and simply schedule them for the future. My serial posts come to mind to make use of scheduling–Friday Flower Fiesta and Music on Mondays. I don’t have to wait for Friday or Monday anymore!


      1. laurie27wsmith

        Way to go. It makes life much easier, especially if I go away for a few days. Write your stuff and schedule it. makes life a lot easier. 🙂


  2. smilingtoad

    LOVED this shot. Felt very desert-noir to me. Reminded me of some classic films with those dramatic skies and those barren hills in the backdrop, and a dusty winding road, with one lone sign pinned to the end of eternity…oooo I love that feeling. So desolate and noir, and with that cracked boulder adding to the effect. Superb shot!!! Har har and one does indeed wonder what is being “farmed” out there, somewhere in that scruffy, baked and desiccated, lizard-skin landscape…


  3. babso2you

    Before we left on vacation I discovered that post later feature. I was able to have posts continue throughout our vacation. I turned off the comments though as I did not want to get inundated with us being gone for 2 weeks! Works well!



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