Southern California’s abominable snowman

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On my 476-mile journey throughout Southern California a couple of weeks ago, one of my goals was to go to Ranchita to see Southern California’s Yeti. I was successful. Here it is:

Ranchita Yeti

Yeti stands in between the Ranchita Country Store and a real estate office in, of course, Ranchita, California.

Ranchita, California

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Yeti was created by Joe Rauh, a real estate agent in Ranchita, in 2007. It is eleven feet tall and weighs about three hundred pounds.

Yeti means “abominable snowman” and is the name in Tibet and Nepal for one of the many worldwide “bigfoot” creatures.


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9 thoughts on “Southern California’s abominable snowman

  1. laurie27wsmith

    He’s not a happy looking Yeti Russel. We have a creature here in Australia called a Yowie by the Aboriginals, similar to the Yeti but covered in brown hair. You did hear about the Yeti that bought an ab-crunch machine? he’s now known as the Abdominal Snowman. 😉

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