The Southern California high desert near Borrego Springs

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When Jim and I went to Colorado many years ago, we were not that enamored of all the “fourteeners,” that is, mountains that were more than 14,000 feet high. The reason was because we were ten or eleven thousand feet high when viewing them, so the difference in elevation was only three or four thousand feet.

I thought back to the desert near Palm Springs. It’s in the “high desert” at 440 feet elevation. Nearby, though, are the San Jacinto Mountains, with San Jacinto peak being the highest mountain in Southern California at 10,834 feet. Most of the mountain range provides a difference in elevation similar to what we saw in Colorado.

In the following Photographic Art, I’m about 4,000 feet above sea level looking down on a small valley with some mountains in the distance.

Southern California high desert near Borrego Springs

I love the colors in that picture, as well as the cloud shadows on the mountains, all made even better when I created Photographic Art.

I was on State Highway 78 when I took that picture, looking south, but there are so many mountain peaks there, ranging from around 3,600 to 4,600 feet high, that I don’t know exactly which peaks those are in the distance.

Here’s where I was on Google maps, with south at the bottom, and I’m looking into the valley just below the blue doohickey:


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