SNIPPETS (8-16-14, #2)—WordAds revenue, and more


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

snip-pet: a small piece of something

Snippets: mini blog posts


The earnings report from my WordAds came in. I got approved for WordAds on July 15, so the revenue is for 16½ days.

Drum roll please….


Yep. A measly $16.62. Wait! Measly? NOT measly! I did nothing other than allow their ads to show up on my blog. $16.62 is 97.76¢ per day! That $16.62 for 17 days in July equates to about $30 per month. Julian and I think we can get to $50 per month by the end of the year, if not sooner. And ever since I got WordAds approved, I have been endeavoring to do everything possible to increase readership and views to get us there. I have even……….


………..caught up on my backlog of blog visits. Remember when I was using Internet Explorer 9 from January 2 to March 27 and got so far behind in reading, liking, and commenting on blogs because the LIKE buttons and the comment boxes wouldn’t load? I got nine months behind. I pleased to say that as of today, I’m exactly 30 days behind.Goats at the 2013 San Diego County Fair

I find 30 days to be just about right because not everyone publishes a blog post each day like I do (sometimes two, like today!). The one thing that really gets my goat in the blogging world is when I go to visit someone’s blog only to find that they have published absolutely nothing since the last time I visited.


My wise old grandmotherMy wise old grandmother was a master gardener before there was such a thing. Everything I learned about gardening, I learned from her. So my memories of her are strong when I visit gardening sites and blogs.

Recently I visited a blog that was telling the reader to provide nesting materials to get birds to build nests in your yard. Twigs make great nesting materials, and the article said that the twigs and sticks should be under four inches long.


Nest-building osprey


Photographic Art of a rhinoceros at the San Diego Zoo:


Created by Julian. Gotta give credit where credit is due.


Would y’all like a blog post by Julian?

If there is strong enough demand, I’ll force him to comply with that demand as part of his ongoing partnership agreement with Photographic Art, but I won’t put any restrictions on what he can blog about. That might prove interesting……….LOL

Let me him know with a comment.


Suicide is in the mainstream news again due to Robin Williams.

About a year ago, Junior Seau, also known as Mr. San Diego, committed suicide.

For readers who might not know, my dad committed suicide when I was six years old, although I didn’t find out about it until much later. Much, much later.

I also have been depressed and suicidal at times in my life, so I get quite disgusted by people with such a cavalier attitude about suicide and the effect on the people it leaves behind. So disgusted that I unfriend, unfollow, and unlike them.


Tony GwynnWith the recent death of Tony Gwynn (see stamp at right) in June at the age of 54 from cancer, and the fact that the San Diego Padres, for whom he played his entire professional baseball career, won’t be going anywhere in the playoffs, people are reminiscing about the best years of the San Diego Padres. Those years are few and far between, with the Padres playing in, and losing, the World Series in 1984 and 1998. Tony Gwynn was with the team both times.

There have been some highlights beyond the team itself, though, such as when Tony Gwynn got hit #3,000 (see stamp above).

Here are two other players who provided lots of highlights for the Padres:

Steve Garvey
Home Run in the 1984 NLCS,
winning the game and sending the Padres to the World SeriesIMG_6979 steve garvey faa stamp

Trevor Hoffman
Save #500Trevor Hoffman


When Jim and I went to watch the Big Bay Boom! fireworks downtown for the fourth of July, the San Diego Country Administration Building had been made into a Tony Gwynn memorial:

Tony Gwynn memorial on the San Diego County Administration Building


A mural, titled “Escalera After Bechi,” in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego:

Escalera After Bechi


Hope you enjoyed the extra blog post today!

Hope you enjoyed the extra blog post and SNIPPETS today

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

This post approved by Zoey the Cool Cat

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31 thoughts on “SNIPPETS (8-16-14, #2)—WordAds revenue, and more

  1. Amy Reese

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. It’s been a tough week for people, but I hope an awareness about depression has come from it. It can happen to anyone. $16 is sixteen bucks!


      1. bldee3

        Russell, Wow@! That 9/11 photo. Would I be able to use it on my 9/11 poem with giving you all the rights or however it’s done? I don’;t even know how to put any graphics on my blog site. I have a photo I love that I would like to use with my poem but don’t know how to transfer any images. I’m so ignorant about the computer since this is my first one ever.Or would I have to buy a small print from you? I like the photo I have better for this particular poem and I don’t know where I have it.l i may have it on my facebook with my photography. i love photography as well as writing, and I love writing more than photography, yet taking photos has been a lifetime past time I absolutely adore. How can I post my photos on a blog site. Some are so much better than others and I had hopes of taking photography classes and then getting better and better, but I got sick and can’t walk and am homebound.
        My life seemed tot have stopped when all this happened and I also loved to go to the Grand Canyon every year with a photographer friend who moved there and has her photos posted somewhere. She’s a lovely photographer and sells her calenders. She sends them to me every year. Doing this for every Christmas was the highlight of my life and seeing your photos Russell brings back those times when I was so happy and joy filled just loving all the gorgeous scenery that God put on this earth. (I want to cry now with missing all the things like this that I so loved). She and I used to go all over Arizona and New Mexico and do photo shoots.. I’d give anything to have those days back. At least I did get to experience some of the wonders of our world. Is there anyway you can help me to put graphics with my poetry? I do have one photo taken outside my mother’s co-op in Manhattan that I was able to transfer to The Move blog I wrote. Would I I be able to use any of your photos, and do whatever is necessary to protect your rights and not dare mess with that. How does one do this? Thanks for any help you can offer me. You are a fab. photographer. Ronda


          1. bldee3

            Hi Russell, I’ll get back to your e-mail at a later point. Thanks so much for letting me have use of some of your photos for my blogs.
            My mom did things differently and she left out the H in Ronda and she also didn’t give me a middle name so I could choose one for myself. I left it as Ronda Dee since it’s short and I thought easy to remember. But everyone asks me Dee what? So, I have to spell it out. Dee for dog and e for elephant. I should say D for dearest and e for eloquent. (See writing this to you made me think as all writing does inspire me.) thanks again.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Deborah

        True, but some are more harmful than others. There seemed to be a little more compassion this week in regard to depression, but there are some people who seem to be immune to compassion OR common sense. I’m just glad so many people (like you) are talking about it. Thanks! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          I think my wise old grandmother’s 80/10/10 rule is explanatory here:

          10% of the people have absolutely no compassion or common sense.

          10% of the people have nothing but compassion and common sense.

          80% of the people can show compassion and common sense but also sometimes show a lack of compassion and common sense, all depending on the subject matter and the actions and words of others.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Maxi

    You had to deal with a two-fold loss, Russel. Your dad’s death when you were six; then again when you discovered how he passed.

    I pray that you never have to face depression or suicidal thoughts again.

    Tremendous sadness for Robin Williams and his family.
    blessings ~ maxi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      The worst, I think, was learning a couple of years ago—I was 57—that dad committed suicide as opposed to what I had been told, that he died fighting as an Air Force pilot in the Korean War. Lies……so many lies for so many years. Without an accidental discovery on the Internet, I still wouldn’t know the truth because everyone who knew the truth is now dead.


  3. teagan geneviene

    Enjoyed the snippets, Russel. Many thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed the culinary mystery serial. Feel free to leave a comment with 3 food related “ingredients” and i’ll use them in a future episode, featuring you in the intro. Hugs!



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