Blog Love (6-8-14)

I livew in my own little world

AzaleaIf you missed my initial post about Blog Love, you can read it here. If you get mentioned in my Blog Love series, it’s a sure bet that I’m following YOU!

During these past two weeks, I visited 1266 blogs, an average of 90 per day. I’m caught up with my blog visits after my Internet Explorer/WordPress problems of January, February, and March 2014, and I’m pleased to say that I only found 11 blogs that had been deleted, were inactive, or had gone private! They were deleted from my Excel spreadsheet.

Purple RoseI left 1,766 LIKEs and 313 comments, both totals down from recent blog love posts because every blog  that I visited these past two weeks are blogs that I had last visited sometime after March 27 when my blog camping problems were resolved.

The blogs where I left at least ten LIKEs and/or comments are listed below. Those bloggers who post pictures with very little text to read get the most LIKEs and comments, so it’s not unusual to find pet blogs and photography blogs high on the Blog Love list each week.

Canna and agapanthusClick on the link to go visit them, and be sure to tell them that Russel Ray sent you their way!

  1. Peace, Love, and Great Country Music – 56
  2. K’ Clips – 49 (Google翻訳のおかげ!)
  3. Old Books, Old Artists, and Other Interesting People – 40
    Fictional Machines – 40
  4. imaginecontinua – 39
  5. NJ Corporate Photographer – 38
  6. Paula Acton – 34
  7. The (Urban-Wildlife) Interface – 31
    Hello World – 31
    It’s Sew Anny – 31
  8. The Phoblography – 23
  9. Random Rose’s Blog – 22
    buffalotompeabody’s Blog – 22
  10. Lily of the NileBucket List Publications – 18
    Drawing Room Days – 18
  11. The Reading Bud – 17
    Adventures in Cheeseland – 17
  12. Nature and Travel Photography – 14
    Dean Whitehorn – 14
    Marsha Lee – 14
    Thoughts from an American Woman – 14
  13. Kev’s Blog – 13
  14. Gaston Bessette, Photographie – 12
  15. The Wine Wankers – 11
  16. The Paws N Reflect Blog – 10

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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26 thoughts on “Blog Love (6-8-14)

      1. yogaleigh

        YW. The way all this goes for me it just as easily could have been something I did wrong… Though usually I can click okay :>) I’ll go take a look at the blog.


  1. paulaacton

    Thank you for visiting my blog and featuring me in your post, I am having to do sporadic visiting at the minute as real life is incredibly hectic with birthdays, charity events and a few fun events thrown in but I always love visiting here when I get chance. 😀


  2. kelihasablog

    I’ve been trying to do the same thing. I have been reading and commenting almost all day and I feel like I still have “miles to go”… (sigh) I like to actually read and try to comment on each, some comments are closed or my brain just freezes up and I can’t think of a thing to say… Good to know I’m not the only one! 😀


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Yep. I refuse, though, to comment just for the sake of commenting. I believe that’s what the LIKE button is for, to let someone know that I was there but didn’t have anything constructive to say that would add to the karma of the universe.


  3. tchistorygal

    Hey, I found my name on the list! I am honored! You are on my list too, but I’ll never be as good as you are about visiting and leaving likes. You are the King of Likes and camping on blogs. That’s why so many of us love you, not to mention your great posts! Say hi to Jim for me. and have a great father’s day. V is playing poker for FD. 🙂



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