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Rancho Santa Fe, the Bernardo Fire, and my new BFF house

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On Fridays I teach chess at a private residence for four children, a girl age 8 and a 2 boys/1 girl set of triplets age 6½. The residence is a magnificent 11,700-SF home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Rancho Santa Fe home

The home is just a couple of miles west of where the Bernardo Fire has been burning for several days. On the map below, the blue icon is where the fire started. As you can see, it’s burning south and west, expected because of prevailing winds. The house where I teach chess is at the point of the maroon pin, directly in the path of the fire. Mountains and canyons, which affect winds and fire fighter accessibility, will determine where the fire actually burns.

Bernardo fire

I have told the owner of the academic chess company for which I work that, considering the fire was 50% contained as of ten hours ago and that the roads to the residence are high-traffic four-lane roads or winding country two-lane roads, I think chess tomorrow should be canceled.

Because the property is isolated and the roads are busy or narrow, I usually take my time getting there, often stopping along the way to take roadside pictures of the many magnificent properties. One of my most recent discoveries is my new BFF house. I love it.

The pictures below are panoramas created using 3-6 pictures and Photoshop’s Photomerge function. After getting the stitched-together panorama, I created Photographic Art. Click on the pictures to get a larger version.

Rancho Santa Fe house

Rancho Santa Fe house

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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26 thoughts on “Rancho Santa Fe, the Bernardo Fire, and my new BFF house

  1. Pit

    Hope the fire won’t reach that house, and that it’ll be contained fully soon.
    Best regards from “Fritztown”, and take care,


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I keep wanting to look it up in the public records to find out the square footage and its last selling price. So far I’ve resisted that temptation. I’d rather dream than actually face reality……..LOL


        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          Which is why I was thankful it was a rental home. Fortunately, my tenants were juniors at San Diego State University and had only been there for a couple of months, so they didn’t lose much in the way of those irreplaceable treasures and memories.


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Only if one is downwind. Fortunately, I’m south of the fires and the winds are blowing west and southwest. Lots of ash and dust in the sky does make for some absolutely gorgeous sunsets though. Funny, the irony in so much damage and destruction creating such beautiful sunsets.


  2. Karen B

    I am torn between my amazement at seeing such fabulous properties and my concern for the owners safety. It must be so frightening. Can nothing stop these fires? Or are they just too powerful?


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