SNIPPETS (5-13-14)


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

More snippets from my miscellaneous folder that I’m cleaning out.


Arguably, San Diego’s most upscale (i.e., expensive) mall is Fashion Valley. It’s so expensive that I don’t even look at it as I’m passing by on the freeway. However, recently I had occasion to be there at night after hours and found some floor art that I could not bring myself to walk on.

Floor art

No one else would walk on it, either, everyone walking up to it, gazing for a few seconds, and then walking around it.


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved long hallways and tunnels. Here’s a view at a hotel that I was at recently:



At the same hotel as in SNIPPET #2 was this mirrored ball ceiling:

Mirrored ball ceiling

Oh the fun if all of those were disco balls (smile if you remember disco balls!). However, in each one of those mirrored balls is a selfie:

Mirrored ball selfies

Those DO count as selfies, right?


Ooh La La

Yes indeed! (But I have no idea what kind of a store that was!)


For Dalmations only.

For Dalmations only


In 2012, California’s 80,500 farms and ranches received $42.6 billion for their output, ranking the state #1 in cash farm receipts with 11.3 percent of the US total. Agricultural pests, then, are taken seriously. The following picture shows an agricultural pest control officer checking a control container on a citrus tree on private property. Let’s hope there’s nothing in it!

Pest control


It does no good to have wheels if you have no wheels.

No wheels on my wheels


Let’s return to the upscale Fashion Valley mall (see SNIPPET #1). How upscale is it? Here is a video of one of their light benches:


Let’s stay at Fashion Valley exploring how upscale it is. Following is a video advertisement. What’s unique about this advertisement is that it’s a projection. The projector was mounted in the ceiling and projecting on the floor. I had no problem walking on this floor advertising.


Lastly, still at Fashion Valley, following is a video of their beautiful (upscale) water fountain in the center of the mall. To me, water is a prime requirement defining upscale, but for too long Fashion Valley was missing water features. Heck, it was even hard to find a drinking fountain; probably the businesses that sell drinks vetoed the idea of having drinking fountains providing free water!

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

9 thoughts on “SNIPPETS (5-13-14)

  1. charlypriest

    That´s too much for me to bear witness.
    And I´m stuck in the middle of nowhere with my car long gone. You´re going to depress me if you keep up putting up those beautiful things. Or maybe one day I´ll just brake in at least lie in the bed for a few minutes before the police comes. Then I can go around and say how cool I am.



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