Blog Love (5-11-14)

I livew in my own little world

Blue hibiscusHappy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere!

If you missed my initial post about Blog Love, you can read it here. If you get mentioned in my Blog Love series, it’s a sure bet that I’m following YOU!

During these past two weeks, I visited 976 blogs, an average of 69 per day, down from my usual average because I was at the Cat House on the Kings fundraiser last Friday and Saturday, and I have had nothing but computer problems this past week…. computer problems are ongoing. Sadly, 301 of those were no longer active (defined as no more than two blog posts for all of 2014), were now marked private, or were so religious or so political that I couldn’t read more than a paragraph in the most recent post without needing a margarita. Those 301 blogs, then, have been summarily deleted from my Excel spreadsheet.

AnemoneOut of the remaining 675 blogs, I left 2,517 LIKEs and 321 comments. The blogs where I left at least ten LIKEs and/or comments are listed below. Those bloggers who post pictures with very little text to read get the most LIKEs and comments, so it’s not unusual to find pet blogs and photography blogs high on the Blog Love list each week.

Click on the link to go visit them, and be sure to tell them that Russel Ray sent you their way!

  1. Lily of the Nileavian101photography – 106
  2. avian101 – 40
  3. esther – 38
  4. jmgoyder – 30
  5. darrell steele – 27
  6. simon682 – 21
  7. evan falls – 19
  8. sixpuns – 15
    ivonprefontaine – 15
  9. scrapydo – 13
    ferrer joey palomar fesico – 13
  10. lindalitebeing – 12
  11. forget the viagra…pass me a carrot! – 10
    talent flush – 10

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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