Picture of the Moment–I want one!

Picture of the Moment

Yesterday, Jim and I went to the Spring fundraiser for Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California, a suburb of Fresno.

Cat House on the Kings

View on Google Maps

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

“Cat House” is not just a cute name.

It’s a reality.

Here is the sofa in the living room.

Cat Couch

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

I want one.

“One of what?” you ask.

Possible answers:

  1. One of those cats.
  2. A sofa with nine cat adornments.
  3. A cat house.
  4. a Cat House.

It’s never too late to donate to your local animal shelter to help with their expenses, or to adopt one of their residents. You can also adopt from Cat House on the Kings or donate to help defray their expenses in providing for their 700+ cats, a dozen dogs, and a handful of goats (cash; cat, dog or webcam sponsorship; items from their Amazon wish list; and more!).

And now, a message from Zoey the Cool Cat:

Adopt a dog or cat today

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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8 thoughts on “Picture of the Moment–I want one!

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Oh! Not that sort of cat house. It’s not hard for me to get in trouble. A worthy cause indeed Russel. I don’t know why people buy pets and then abandon them, probably because of the reality of looking after something. 😦


      1. laurie27wsmith

        I had to put my cat of 18 years down after he became too ill. Tore my heart out. To let a healthy animal go would only happen if you were physically unable to look after it. people often abandon their dogs and cats out where we live. Rural areas seem to be the preferred dumping ground. 😦


  2. cat9984

    We generally have shelter cats. Except the one who fell in the window well (twice) trying to reach the window to get in. Very sweet, but not known for her intellect.



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