Blog love 2 (4-13-14)

I livew in my own little world

If you missed my initial post about blog love, you can read it here.

Friday Flower Fiesta 4-5-13If you travel the blogosphere as much as I do (I visit an average of 85 blogs a day), you might have seen that some themes have an area for “Blogs I follow” or “Blog Roll.” I don’t know if the free WordPress theme I use has such an area, but since I’m currently following 3,732 blogs, my Blog Roll would be a wee bit long. Thus, “Blog Love” each Sunday. If you get mentioned in my Blog Love series, it’s a sure bet that I’m following YOU!

Friday Flower Fiesta 4-5-13So following are the Blog Love honorees for this past week.

Numbers are how many LIKEs and comments I left during my camping trip to the blog, and the following are simply the blogs that got ten or more total.

You’ll notice that those bloggers who post quite a few pictures with very little text to read get the most LIKEs and comments, so it’s not unusual to find pet blogs and photography blogs high on the Blog Love list each week.

Friday Flower Fiesta 4-5-13Click on the link to go visit them, and be sure to tell them that Russel Ray sent you their way!

  1. rommel – 28
  2. slpmartin – 20
  3. doru – 16
  4. munchow – 12
    herman – 12

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15 thoughts on “Blog love 2 (4-13-14)

  1. Patricia Salamone

    You are a busy man Russel. Your pictures are beautiful and very entertaining. I also enjoy your posts. I am especially partial to the photo’s of the flowers, I do not have a green thumb and no matter how many times I try to grow something it dies. I think I am the only person on the earth that can kill any plant. You think I would learn my lesson, but no I keep trying and at 70 you think I would give up, but noooooo I am still trying :o)…..


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Try heartleaf ivy, pothos ivy, and English ivy. If you can’t grow those, then I will believe you.

      Many people recommend cactus for brown thumbs, but I don’t because they are easily killed by overwatering.

      With the ivies, they can take bright light, low light, no light, high water, no water, etc.



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