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The end of my WordPress problems on March 29 have provided me with the daily pleasure/privilege of going blog camping again.

Morning glory, my wise old grandmother's favorite flowerMany of you who have not heard or seen me in several months have been seeing me camping out in your blogs again, even though they have been mini-campouts, defined as any combination of LIKEs and comments adding up to three.

Those of you who have been visiting here regularly, even daily, have been getting National Park-like campouts, defined as any combination of LIKES and comments adding up to four or more. My Excel spreadsheet tells me the winners for last week, defined as the recipients of the most LIKEs and comments from yours truly, Russel Ray Photos:

  1. Unknown flowerjeteliot, 26 total

What’s my purpose in providing that list? Notice that those blogs are linked? I get excellent Google juice here on my blog, so when Google, Yahoo, and Bing come by here a couple of minutes after I publish this post, their spiders will see my links to those blogs and will see the love, giving a little extra weight to them!

Unknown flower in La Mesa, California, on January 23, 2012When my WordPress problems ended, I was about four months behind in visiting the blogs of those I follow. I’m pleased to say that as of last night, I was exactly 30 days behind. If you’ve seen me in your blog this past week leaving likes and comments, that’s an excellent indication that I follow your blog and have you in my Excel spreadsheet!

Flower and rain dropsWhat all of that really means is that I have more time to do things in my blog rather than waiting on WordPress to load LIKE buttons, or load the comment box, or post the comment so I can move on. Click on my menu items and look at the submenu items. Those are the various series that I enjoy doing, and now I can get back to doing them. I re-started yesterday with my San Diego Historical Landmarks post. It had been ten months between posts in that series; I promise the next post will be in days rather than months.

Another series that I really like is my History Through Philately series. I’ll have a post in that series up later today.

Yellow Flower 4Lastly, I liked doing this Blog Love post and think I will make it a regular Sunday series. I’m even putting a Blog Love submenu item under SNIPPETS to make all of these Blog Love posts easy to find.

The cool thing here is that the top love recipients for next week will be completely different than this weeks. Once you make it into a Blog Love post, you’re ineligible until everyone has had a chance. With 3,787 followers, it will take me about 30 days to get to everyone, so those getting blog love today will have to wait about 30 days for their next chance. However, you can leave lots of blog love here because my Excel spreadsheet loves blog love!

Sunflower and clouds

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

I'm Zoey the Cool Cat, and I approve this post

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41 thoughts on “Blog love

  1. kelihasablog

    Nice to have you back… I’ve been gone myself and hope to catch up more today, if possible… Family does come first and they apparently are trying to keep me busy with “other” stuff… Thanks for the links to the other pages.. I will certainly check them out. 😀


  2. Tricia Booker Photography

    I have to admit it was fun to see those “Likes” and message notices from you in my email the other day! I remember the first time you went camping in my blog a few years ago, and it was such a surprise to see someone do that and spend so much time there.

    I don’t exactly follow your routine and amazing spreadsheet :), but I do enjoy giving blog love now, because I realize how much it’s appreciated!


  3. philipfontana

    Russel, You know you are putting us all to shame, having this website thing down to an empirical science! Admiration to you! I’m the theoretical type & lost in my thoughts (if it’s not a pasta recipe!) & never get too far promoting my website. I get my biggest thrill out of getting a piece in our county & state newspapers. Silly! Phil


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Sadly, I don’t subscribe to a newspaper any more. Doug Manchester bought the San Diego Union-Tribune in December 2011 and turned it into a right-wing Republican religious theocratic homophobic family tabloid. I got tired of seeing pictures of him and his family throughout the paper, not to mention the lack of news. Finally gave it up in July 2012.

      I tried Patch but their writing, headlines, and overall lack of paying attention to their own product was revolting. They would run stories telling us what was happening today, but the stories about “today” were already three days old.

      We did away with cable television last September. We got tired of paying $140 a month for 300 channels, 295 of which we didn’t like or want. So we get all of our news and entertainment from the Internet now.


  4. robert87004

    OMG, you are so, so organized. I fly a bit more freely, shall we say? I have to admire that, I just couldn’t do it. You might think that someone (me, myself) who works in Engineering might….but no. No TV is good, I thought I was the last person in America without one. 🙂


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Remember to sit on the left side of the plane if you’re flying into San Diego. The view of downtown as you’re landing is awesome. There is a 1% chance that the winds will be tricky that day and that the planes will land coming in off the ocean instead of the way they usually land.

      Also, if it pleases you, call me because I often have free or discount tickets to SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, and Safari Park. And if it really pleases you, I have been known to play docent for a day to visitors from the lands beyond San Diego.


      1. Photos With Finesse

        Sounds wonderful! And thanks Russell. We’re definitely doing the Zoo. I’m thoroughly enjoying your entire Historical Landmarks series. There’s an amazing amount to do in that El Prado area alone!


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  7. safia

    My eyes glazed over slightly when I read ‘Excel’ but I love what you’re doing and the sentiment behind it. Spreading love of any kind can only be good for the world. Welcome back! Oh, and thanks for the 3 ‘likes’ – much appreciated. 🙂


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  9. kanzensakura

    This is incredible. I have never had the talent for spreadsheets and such. I am just in awe at your tracking and dissemination of this information. and to see on the blog love, folks I follow as well. Kudos to you and hugs and ear scratches to Zoey.


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