Dear WordPress…………………


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Dear WordPress:

It still is not possible for me to LIKE or comment on any post in a blog whose URL ends with

I have no problems with WordPress blogs ending in anything else. It’s just the blogs, specifically those which actually end the URL with

No, it’s not my browser because I have tried Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10; Google Chrome; and Firefox. Same story, different browser.

No, it’s not my computer because I have tried my big work computer, my little desktop computer, my secondary computer, my laptop, and my husband’s smartphone. Same story, different computer.

I left a message in the WordPress forums but only one person has responded. She said I have a nice blog………

This situation started late last week, around January 2. I noticed shortly afterwards that the WordPress gurus had made some changes to the WordPress core because when I create a new blog post, I have a few new icons that I can use: Paste as Plain Text, Paste from Word, Remove formatting, and Insert custom character. I suspect those changes have something to do with this inability to interact with bloggers who have a URL.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this situation and, perhaps, even get back to me. If you are looking into it, I think six days is way too long to have this type of problem. Perhaps you could revert to the December 31, 2013, core until you figure this out.

Thanks, and hope your day is filled with sunshine, or at least sunny flowers.

P.S. Starting at the same time, my stats is just a blank page, and the little gold stars and such that used to be at the upper right? Not to be found….. unless I open my blog twice. The second time they are there but when I click on them, nothing.


Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos


33 thoughts on “Dear WordPress…………………

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I have a gravatar but I’m not sure what you mean by using it. It shows up whenever I comment somewhere.

      I am not hosting my own blog. It’s an upgraded blog, which is why I don’t have in my URL. I’m not having any problem with self-hosted wordpress blogs or upgraded blogs, just those with a URL that literally end in

      I’ve been working in, on, and around computers since 1978, and have also been a CNE, so I know my way around these things. This, of course, is a great example of why one should do things oneself instead of depending on other people………………


  1. Gallivanta

    WordPress snafus is a great tag! My WordPress seems to be okay at the moment though some blogs are loading more slowly than they used to. Some I have to return to a couple of times to get them to load.


  2. arlene

    No wonder I don’t see you anymore liking my posts. WordPress is introducing a lot of changes lately and most of their new themes are paid ones. Can’t afford that… And I hope everything would be fixed soon.


  3. David

    In my case, it’s one of disappearing *Likes*. The email notifications are fine, but when it’s displayed on a post, there are no likes. Most of the time, clearing the browser cache resolves the problem. This has been an on-and-off again problem for over the past month.


  4. Patty B

    Although I am not glad you are also having issues, it makes me feel better that I am not the only one. When you get it resolved pass the info to us just in case it also happens to us. Free does come with a price doesn’t it?! 😉


  5. babso2you

    If it ain’t broke they seem to fix it! I have been writing posts that when you go to find them under explore topics, the title disappears. Sorry for your troubles! Hope both you and Jim are doing well! Hugs to you both! B


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        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          I have an Excel spreadsheet that has links to all the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. I sort by where I was the longest time ago and then go there again. A click on a blog name takes me to the blog, opening up a new tab in Internet Explorer. I do at least 20 visits a day, but sometimes I try to set a record for most blogs visited in one day. My current record is 401 different blogs visited, which was on October 20, 2013.



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