Friday Flower Fiesta #15 — It’s like the Energizer Bunny

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

Friday Flower Fiesta


Today’s Friday Flower Fiesta is a slide show.

I’m still looking for a good slide show plugin, widget, wadget, gidget, gadget, or doohickey for WordPress. The default one is pretty crummy, which is kind of funny considering the power of WordPress.

The slideshow runs the pictures backwards and I’m not about to go through and renumber all the pictures, so don’t be fooled when the slideshow starts with Picture 18.

Seems like someone ought to be able to come up with one that we can use in our blogs, especially since there are tons of them for

Irregardless…. (and no comments about my use of the word/non-word “irregardless” :))

Roses bloom non-stop and year-round here in San Diego, but they are at their peak in May and June. If you’re ever in San Diego, the best place to see thousands of roses is at the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden in Balboa Park. According to the powers that be, it is the largest municipal rose garden in the nation.

I’m not a big rose fan because they take too much water and too much care. I’d rather let someone else do all the work and then simply enjoy them. My favorite roses are the Modern Roses that have a distinct swirl to their petals. I have chosen 18 of them to feature in my rose slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sometimes Picture 16 won’t show up in the slide show. I’ve tried everything —
re-uploading, downsizing, upsizing, giving it a foul name. So here’s Picture 16 just in case it’s not showing up for you when you watch:

Picture 16

Picture 16

Picture 18 is from my garden. Unfortunately, that rose is not growing in a rose garden. I don’t have a rose garden. It’s growing in my cactus garden. It’s a weed. As my wise old grandmother said, “A weed is anything that grows where you don’t want it to grow.” Nothing I have done has gotten rid of it. I’ve tried Round-up, chopping it into little pieces, digging to China to get the root system, withholding water. On and on and on it lives, blooming as happily as ever. It’s like the Energizer Bunny.

Something you might not know: Roses are in the same family with apples, plums, and strawberries. Why do I not feel comfortable, then, eating a rose?


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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

9 thoughts on “Friday Flower Fiesta #15 — It’s like the Energizer Bunny

  1. victoriaaphotography

    Lovely images of the roses, Russel.

    I agree with you about WordPresses slideshow being unsatisfactory, but only because the images seems to appear much smaller that if you uploaded a single large image on it’s own.

    I’m a little confused about you saying that the slideshow is backwards though. When you upload the images and save them to a gallery, you have the option of numbering all your photos (eg 18-20 images), in any order you like (no matter which way you uploaded them in the first place). You can also sort them in ascending order or descending order as a bulk action (& then save any of the 3 sorting orders I’ve mentioned above. Then the next step is to upload as a ‘slideshow’, or a ‘gallery’.

    If I’m inserting only 3-5 photos in a post, I tend to upload & put each photo into the post individually though.


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I haven’t been able to get the slideshow to do anything other than run through the slides. If you watch the slideshow, you’ll see that the pictures numbers are decreasing, i.e., 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, etc.


      1. victoriaaphotography

        When you upload each of the 18 photos, if you scroll down a bit further it says ‘save upload’ or something like that. Then a screen appears with all 18 photos on seperate lines with an empty box on the right hand side of the scrren. Above these rows of photos and empty boxes, there is a sentence saying sort in ‘ascending’ or ‘descending’ order.

        You also have the option to put numbers in the empty boxes then press ‘Save’. It will sort the 18 rose photos for you according to your instructions.

        THEN, you scroll down further to ask WordPress to upload it to your Post (as a slideshow, or gallery).

        When I frist started doing WordPress slideshows, I discovered that I wasn’t scrolling down far enough on the page and I vaguely remember having the same problem as you are describing.

        I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact steps without actually doing a sample and writing down each step of instructions for you.

        I can’t remember exactly, but I believe t


        1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

          I’ve seen the ascending/descending boxes but I’ve never been able to get them to do anything. Just nothing. It’s so frustrating. And I’ve tried all the third party slideshows but strips them out when I go to save the post.



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