Google Maps Street View is kind of neat

Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos

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When I first discovered Google Maps’ Street View, I was not impressed. I saw it as an invasion of privacy. Still do. However, that has not prevented me from using it for my own personal needs. Hypocritical? Probably. Nonetheless. It’s the world we live in. lol

I recently endeavoured to find all the homes that I had ever lived in. What an interesting project.

The following is the home that my parents were living in, in 1955 when I was born. It was my mom’s parents’ home in Kingsville, Texas, all the way up to the mid-1990s:

802 West Alice Avenue, Kingsville, Texas


This is the home in Kingsville, Texas, that we lived in ca. 1956 to 1960. At the right side of the house you see a somewhat pointed roof. That’s the living room, and there is a row of windows under the eaves. Birds would always fly into those windows, cracking the windows and killing themselves in the process.

728 Santa Barbara Drive, Kingsville, Texas


When my dad got a promotion with Missouri Pacific Railroad, we moved to Palestine, Texas, ca. 1959. This is where we lived until my dad killed himself in January 1961. It took me forever to find this home because no one remembered the address. I finally found a death certificate online which had the address of the home. Imagine 55 years of not knowing the address where you lived when your dad died.

302 Inwood Drive, Palestine, Texas


The following is where we lived in Brigham City, Utah, after my mom remarried. I lived here until December 1965 when I was shipped off to Kingsville, Texas, to live with my paternal grandparents.

301 Englewood Drive, Brigham City, Utah


My wise old grandmother’s house in Kingsville, Texas. I lived here from December 1965 to August 1973 when I went off to college at Texas A&M University:

420 West Alice Avenue, Kingsville, Texas


I helped plant those two Texas live oaks in the Spring of 1967. Nice to see that they are still there. You can see storm shutters on the windows. Granddad and I installed those after Hurricane Beulah had destroyed Kingsville in September 1967. Our house escaped with just shingles torn off the roof, although we lost the two trees that my Great Horned Owl and the Screech Owls lived in. I was so sad. Granddad built that house in 1937, and I can assure you that they don’t build them like that nowadays. By the way, I intensely disliked mowing that lawn twice a week. Explains why I’ve never had a grass lawn.


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Pictures copyright 2012 Russel Ray Photos


15 thoughts on “Google Maps Street View is kind of neat

  1. victoriaaphotography

    What an interesting post. I looked up the US & Canadian homes of my internet friends on Google Earth when we started corresponding. I’ve looked up my current block of flats in the inner city, but never thought to look up our first tiny family home which my Father built.

    Will do so, now.


  2. jmgoyder

    What an interesting idea! I am definitely not putting my address on my blog or you may see via google maps that this place definitely needs a home inspection – ha!


  3. dpbowman

    Ain’t technology grand….and terribly frightening? Oh what a tangled wwweb we weave when first we practice to retrieve…Just got inspired. Be back later!



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