The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

Music on Mondays — #8: She’s a rainbow

The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

She’s a rainbow


The Beatles are my #1 singing group of all time, so I’ve necessarily not been a big fan of The Rolling Stones. lol

However, once I got to college at Texas A&M University, I was introduced to more music than what the American radio stations presented to me. Now I also have World Music — The Music Journey right here at WordPress to help me expand my tastes in music.

I currently have 53,114 digital music files, exceeded only by my 73,071 photographs.

I started collecting music in 1965 when I got a reel-to-reel tape recorder and recorded music off the radio. For my sixteenth birthday, while all my friends were getting cars, I got a stereo and my first vinyl records: Black Sabbath Vol. 4, The White Album by The Beatles, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, and Wings Wild Life by Paul McCartney.

I eventually had over 15,000 vinyl records which I sold to a record store in Austin, Texas, in 1993 when I moved to San Diego. That allowed me to start collecting CDs, eventually growing it to over 5,000 CDs, which I stripped and sold in 2007 when I moved yet again. Now I’m just a digital file person. I’ll make CDs for long road trips, or to listen to when I’m gardening or at the beach but that’s it. Once I listen to them, they get thrown away.

One of the groups that I caught up on, beginning in 2007, is The Rolling Stones. My favorite song of theirs is “She’s A Rainbow.” It took me forever to finally find out that this song was by The Rolling Stones, off of their fantastic album (and my favorite of theirs) “Their Satanic Majesties Request.” I have no idea what the lyrics mean; maybe they were just a decade or two ahead of their time in describing today’s young women with all their weird hair colors, jewelry, piercings, tattoos……….


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