When the little Adobe bird chirps….

Picture of the moment


I was going through my flower pictures choosing some for today’s Friday Flower Fiesta when I came across this picture:

Sea lavender


It’s a pretty accurate picture of new flowers on a sea lavender (Limonium californicum). As they age, the flowers become a deeper purple. A little Adobe bird was chirping, telling me to play around with that picture in Photoshop or Lightroom. After heeding the chirp of the Adobe bird, this is what I got:

Sea lavender modified


I used Lightroom and, in order, made the following changes:

  • increased Point Curve to Strong Contrast
  • changed Contrast to +50
  • changed Clarity to +50
  • changed Blacks to -100
  • changed Shadows to -100
  • changed Vibrance to +100
  • changed Saturation to +100

I usually don’t use such extremes but the more I played around with that picture, the more fun I was having and the more extreme I got. I like the end result, though.


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3 thoughts on “When the little Adobe bird chirps….

    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      I suspect that’s because the original picture is a photograph and the second picture is art. Not all people agree on what art is, but usually an accurate picture of something like a flower is something that everyone agrees on. I like them both.



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