A camera always attached to your hand can result in….

Picture of the moment


If you always have your camera attached to your arm, sometimes you can be rewarded with a nice picture or two:

Anna's hummingbird


Anna's hummingbird


It hovered just a couple of feet from me for about 15 seconds and let me take a dozen pictures. Judging from its behavior, this is either a female or juvenile Anna’s hummingbird (Calypte anna). Considering that it hovered just feet from me for so long, I would guess a juvenile that doesn’t know any better yet. lol

Anna’s hummingbirds like to hover while they are gathering nectar or catching insects. If your garden is like mine and has lots of spider webs, you can watch them pluck spiders out of the webs. I’m still trying to get that picture.

These two pictures had a shutter speed of 1/640 second. Just how fast a shutter speed do I need to get rid of the motion blur in the wings?


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9 thoughts on “A camera always attached to your hand can result in….

  1. avian101

    Are the birds following you now? Lucky son of a gun! It’s not fair! 🙂
    I believe the setting has to be over 1/1000


    1. Russel Ray Photos Post author

      Slowly but surely I’m increasing my shutter speed for these little birds. I just always thought that since they flap their wings at up to 80 times per second, 1/80 should do. Not. Now I’m up to 1/640. I guess 1/1000 will be next.



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